Wholerberri of CRK

Wholerberri of CRK ... she is one of our puppies from the first litter of Dovie's, born 12/21/11 - 1 of 10 puppies! We chose to keep her for several reasons, but the thing that stood out the most to us, was her attitude!  Nothing bothered her and she just carried herself as if she was royalty from the beginning.

Although, she is some what spoiled, she still likes to spend time out in the kennel with the big dogs and plays hard!  She is growing quite well and is becoming quite the beauty as she patrols the kennel and talks to everyone. We will continue to update this page as she grows and develops.

We have kept up with the other owners of this litter and it appears that all pups are growing up well and are about the same weight range from about 65 lbs to 70 lbs. It is 7/26/12 - Berri and family are now 8 months old - Gus, her brother is 98 lbs and Berri weighed in this morning at 85 lbs!

12/21/12 @ 1 year old, Ms. Berri and her siblings are all doing well and we are in contact with most of all the new owners on a regular basis. You will find current pictures both under this website and on our facebook page.

Health Clearances

Berri has now gone through all of her necessary testing and as we thought, passed everything with flying colors. She has had her brucellosis blood test, dna,
 thyroid blood  test, d m testing, cardiac test along with Hip and Elbow x-rays - all results can be found on the OFA website (www.offa.org).


Berri loves everyone and has been the best puppy sitter we have ever had but we feel that she should be able to give this love to a family and enjoy the remainder of her life . . she has never been bred and will need to be spayed prior to leaving us. She will do very well in a multi dog home and with children!

10/14/16 - Berri has begun her big adventure, moving from Missouri to New Jersey - she has a sister that is a working dog that lives out there, too! She is going to spend the rest of her life with a family of 3 kids and a German Shepard mix . . she was very excited to get this adventure started, jumping right into the vehicle - we will miss her alot but know she will be happy!

Kennel Princess

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