Dovie ... is our smilin’ hound – as she runs up to greet you!  Her upper lip is pulled back into a real smile, she must get to your face to hug and kiss you before she will go outside!  Her personality is different from all the other hounds, we say that she is BB (our foxhound) reincarnated as she makes eye contact with you all the time, she is always listening and watchful of us.   She is our alpha female for sure and will start the game of “catch me if you can” at a drop of the hat!  She the most slick of all and can turn on a dime when she is running and her nose gets her on a trail of the "booger" fast!  She has a heart of gold and only wants love and hugs! Dovie would love to be the house dog, so she could curl up on the couch with you, but as we have begun to work her on the trails, she is oh so smart and is picking this up quickly!  Dovie's personality is one of the most loyal hounds around, she will do anything to please us and receive praise. 


Health Clearances

Dovie turned 2 on April 6th, 2011 and we took her to get all of her health clearances. She has passed with all of them without any problems or surprises! You may see the results at, if you would like. She has also had her dna test, DM test and a brucellosis test - all results are fine and on file.

Please don't hesitate to contact us directly with any questions you may have.

I am NOT related to a Kanga ...

Breeding Info

Dovie has been bred naturally twice - once with Gryphon in 2011 and once with Levi in 2012 (pictures can be found under the Puppy Tab). We have bred here, using artificial insemination with Max in early May 2015 - the a.i. did not take, so we feel it is time to retire her.  She is moving in with Doc Hendry 's (my late husband) son and his wife - she was always his favorite hound . . they are very much dog people and she will live out her life in comfort! We sure will miss that smile of hers!

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