High Octane Ethyl

Ethyl came to live with us last year born May 4th, 2011. Her father is related to Levi and when she began to develop we were very pleased with the way she handled herself as she pranced all around the kennel! Unfortuntly we also began to notice was the fact that her fur was growing too long and thick ... not a desired thing for a bloodhound. DNA was checked on her parents along with her, all came back fine ... but at 10 months old, we had to make the decision as to whether we were going to keep her in the kennel or find her a forever home with a family as a pet.  She was not going to be bred due to the issue of having long fur.  We were very lucky to have met a wonderful family to whom she has begun her bonding with, that also have long haired Dashunds, Chickens, Ducks Turkeys and last of all, Cats for her to play with. She seems to be very happy and making herself quite at home. We will miss our girl but felt that we did the best thing for the breed.  We do not want to pass that genetic trait on.

In October 2012, I was able to pay a quick visit to Ethyl's new home and she is doing wonderful!  I met her entire family (all of them) and they love her dearly!  She is incredibly HAPPY!

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