Why Bloodhounds

Buddy and I work daily with our hounds, both young and mature ... making sure that they all receive hands on attention. We will always be available to answer questions that you may have on our breed. We are located in Mid Missouri, which allows our hounds to experience all the seasons thus making them well adjusted to most all temperatures, although they seem to prefer air conditioning!

We are extremely passionate about our hounds and have devoted our lives to them.  We want to see that they are provided for, worked with in whatever direction the dog wants to go, and loved like there is no tomorrow!  After all, they are our 4 legged children! As mentioned before, we have met some of the most wonderful people and bloodhounds around and we continue to learn just what they have maybe forgotten!  We are very thankful to those who have taken us under their wings and for those who watch our back ... you know who you are and you hold a very special place in our hearts!

As our family matures, we plan to make sure they receive all the necessary testing to make sure they are healthy and meet the criteria of the Bloodhound Club.  This is a must, prior to ANY planned breeding and yes, they will be planned in order to further the breed, NOT for anything else!  As we begin the breeding process should  any of our hounds not pass the necessary tests as they should, then they will be spayed/neutered and a furever home be found for them! When the blessed time does come and if you purchase one of our pups, please be ready as you will become a part of our extended family as well! When and if we have puppies to sell, the future furever home is going to be more important than the actual price of the puppy!  We want to be sure that the new family will be the furever one, not just a stop-over!

Some websites will tell you that their hounds and puppies are raised around their family ... maybe, maybe not ... please visit those in person!  We will be honest with  you from the beginning and our hounds are pets first!  We work with them on a daily basis plus they have several multi acre fenced areas in a natural wooded playground that includes 5 swimming pools (that are changed on a regular basis) to help keep them hydrated! Our hounds really are happier when they are outside, be it in their home at the kennel facility or out in the playground with the others ... they are outside babies. We will tell you that they tend to enjoy the cold, snowy weather more than the heat of the summer (I never knew their tongues could hang out that far)! In their kennel area, they all have a double area with one being for their food and water and the other for their raised bed allowing for continued air circulation and joint support. They are not a kennel dog by any means !  Our take on a kennel dog is one that doesn't have any or much interaction with the owner and only there for breeding purposes.  These dogs use their kennels to sleep in, when they aren't playing with us, grand kids or one other!  They seem very happy and we sleep well knowing that they are alright. Although we are in Missouri, please don't let that cause you to assume that we are a "puppy mill" operation, as we are not nor will we ever become one!  We have worked hard to be sure that everything we do is the "right way", stubbing our toes a little at the beginning but quickly learning!  We are registered with the state of Missouri along with USDA and have passed all inspections.
Why a bloodhound?" you probably are not a hound person!  My brother just said to me "If you are a single guy with a bloodhound ... would a chic be impressed with drool on your leg and you with a hound smell about you?"   I  just smiled and kindly replied "You are NOT a hound guy, are you?"
Enjoy our site and our kids and feel free to contact us anytime!  We are always willing to learn and share what we do know with others. 



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