Puppy Purchase

We are offering you several ways to purchase one of our puppies, once you are approved . . . you may mail us a check or money order (be sure to let us know that you are, so we can watch for it) or you may use one of the options below - once you click on one of the options, you will be given the choice to use paypal or a credit card (please note, both will charge a 3% fee plus 30 cent per transaction fee which we have added).

Thank you.

  • Deposit
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Paypal and the credit card company that handles this, both charge a fee of 3% plus a 30 cent per transaction fee, which we have added to the deposit.

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  • Balance
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This option includes the Missouri Sales Tax that we are required to pay of 7.225% plus the paypal fee or credit card fee of 3% plus 30 cents per transaction.

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