Steps for Reserving A Puppy

Before you inquire about one of our puppies, be sure we have received and approved your application (questionnaire).  We require a  nonrefundable $800 deposit  once they are 3 weeks old. As we move forward and should you decide you no longer want this puppy, we will not be able to refund this deposit as we have taken  it off the market, unless we are looking for something very particular in that puppy and it will used as a hold only (this is a very rare thing).  The balance will be due in full at 7 weeks. We will ask you to make a payment, under our store tab for the  deposit and then a second payment for the balance. Please don't pay anything until we have approved you.

We give limited registration only - we are not interested in allowing full breeding rights nor are we interested in stud service. Please do not ask.

Our puppies will cost you $1800.00 (non-negotiable) which includes the following:  vet checked, micro-chipped with a lifetime recovery protection plan, AKC registration (we pay for it and submit all the paperwork), all worming and immunizations (age approx), puppy take home kit which includes health record on your puppy along with his/her first harness and food.  The State of Missouri, requires that we collect sales tax on the sale of the puppies, AND that is 6.725% added onto the $1800.00 .

 Also, we give these little ones a lot of 1:1 handling and socialization so that you will have a very well adjusted puppy as well as all puppies are worked on with a "bio-sensor" program, which we have found helps them. We have already performed an aptitude test on them, reviewed our notes and matched them with the applications on that we have on our waiting list between the ages of 3 -4 weeks - if we find that we have more than one that meets what you are looking for, we will visit with you personally and give you the final choice.

Puppies will not be allowed to leave our home, until they are between 8 and 9 weeks of age. We would prefer to hand them over to you personally ... you may come here to pick them up or we can make arrangements to meet you (additional costs will be incurred and discussed prior to this time). Due to USDA regulations, we can not allow you into the actual kennel itself due to the safety and health of our dogs but you can look through the office door and see it along with the parents of your new baby. They can also be shipped to you via a Flight Nanny Service where we will work with our people to obtain the best rates for your new family member, this will be at your cost and handled directly with the nanny service. We will stand behind the transaction. We can offer you a ground transport service or air cargo should you prefer it and will be happy to secure a quote with someone we trust.

We do have a contract that will be sent out to you that covers all of this plus more so that both sides are safe! This is done to meet USDA requirements and covers several of things we have never come across but are required to note so that both parties are covered from any surprises.

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