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Sadie, A Local Hero

I personally thought everyone would enjoy reading about  Sadie.  She is an older sister to Levi and Ruthie out of Tranquil Acres.  This story is from Ryan Glover.

"I purchased, at the time "Sally" from Tranquil Acres in October of 2007.  Sally has become "Sadie" to our family.  She has been the greatest dog ever.  I recently joined the Orange County Sheriff's Department and started formal training with Sadie in July of 2009.  Sadie's qualification trail was  1 1/2 miles long  Sadie was qualified in May 2010.  Just 2 1/2 months after her qualification Sadie had a walk up find and saved this gentleman's life.  There have been several bloodhounds that have worked their entire career that have not a had a walk up find.  So I am writing this letter to thank you again for my companion and partner.  Please read the attached link from our local paper.  Sadie is a hero around town now and might receive a medal of honor for life saving."


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