Teoc's International Allis Chalmers

Ms. Allis was born on January 10th, 2021 and is just an awesome girl at 10 weeks of age . . focus is great, already knows her name and the happiest girl ever. Another wonderful hound out of Teoc's Bloodhounds!

Health Clearances

We will have all the required OFA testing performed on our girl as she becomes old enough  - she was lucky enough to become part of a special program that OFA offered for bloodhounds ,so we were able to get her hips and elbows tested at 1 year and found that they were good enough to move forward with breeding - we will do the official testing at 2 years.


DNA  AKC DNA Profile #V963230


Thyroid - OFA #Bl-TH166/26F-VPI   Normal

Cardiac - OFA #Bl-BCA78/26F/P-VPI   Normal/Clear - Practitioner

Patellar Luxation - OFA #Bl-PA179/26F/P-VPI    Normal - Practitioner

Hips -  OFA Report #2225619  (Mild HIp Dysplasia (unilateral pathology left)

Elbows - OFA Report  #2225619 (Negative for Elbow Dysplasia Right Side    Grade 1 on Left Side)


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