Teoc's Coffee Karamell

Ms Mell is one special girl . . .nothing scares her and she wants to explore everything . .this will be one interesting hound to watch grow up and we can't wait!

Health Clearances

We will be having all OFA required genetic testing performed as Mell reaches the right age for them. She was lucky enough to be accepted in a special program that OFA offered for bloodhounds and was able to have her hips/elbows x-rayed at 1 year of age and found to be good - we will have the official ones and the rest of the testing completed at 2 years of age.


DNA AKC DNA Profile #V963092


Hips - OFA Report #2231999 (Mild Hip Dysplasia on left side with subluxation)

 Elbows - OFA #BL-El1486F24-C-VPI    Normal

Patellar Luxation - OFA #BL-PA174/24F/P - VPI   Normal - Practitioner

Thyroid - OFA #BL-TH164/24F-VPI   Normal

Cardiac - OFA #Bl- BC-BCA60/24F/P-VPI    Normal/Clear- Practitioner

Teoc's Coffee Karamell



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